Outdoor STEM Camp
The outdoors is a perfect classroom for students to explore science, technology and math. In this three-day camp, students will build and test a kayak from duct tape, explore under our docks with underwater robots and perform experiments to study the biology and ecology of Billington Sea Pond and the surrounding woodlands. Participants will also practice working as a team and utilizing their critical thinking skills as a part of the camp. This promises to be an empowering experience for students who enjoy building, exploring and playing outside!
Summer 2020 Schedule
  1. Session 1
    July 6, 7, 8
  2. Session 2
    August 17, 18, 19
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Program Details
  Where: Billington Sea Kayak Shop in Plymouth
Cost: $170.00 per child (ages 8-16)
Instructors: Dave Arruda, BSK Staff

Price includes three (3) 2.5-hour sessions. Each session will have a unique activity/challenge which may include building a duct tape kayak, exploring underwater with robots, or discovering the flora and fauna of the Billington Sea/ Morton Park ecosystem. This camp will include instruction and gear (kayak, paddle, lifejacket) for on-water experiences. No prior kayaking experience required but participants should be comfortable on the water. We require that all participants be dressed appropriately for class with closed-toe water shoes. Cancellations made by our staff due to heavy rain or high winds will be made up on the Thursday of each session.