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This page is intended to present various web sites of organizations that can add to our knowledge of the local water environment and add as well to the enjoyment of paddlesports. If you know of an interesting web site not listed here, please get in touch with me to see if we can add it to this list.

The health of water systems whether inland, coastal or a combination of both, is a critical component of the health of our total environment. The associations listed below perform a vital role in improving and protecting our local water systems. They all are proactive in this effort by not only being watchdogs, but also as solution finders to the myriad of problems and stresses that continually confront these fragile systems. Please take the time to visit these sites and learn about what the problems are and how we all can help protect that which we tend to take for granted. I know that any one of these associations would truly welcome your support.

The web sites below cover a wide range of paddling interests. We are sure that there is something here of interest for all. We will be adding to this list from time to time.

The Billington Sea Museum

Billington Sea has an amazing history that dates all the way back to the Pilgrims! Many folks have enjoyed spending their summers on the lake over the years and we've enjoyed hearing many great stories from our customers. We're interested in any pictures, artifacts, and memorabilia that you may have from Billington's past. Help us preserve the stories and treasures for future generations to come!

The Artists of Billington Sea

Did you know that many of the BSK Staff members are also artists???