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2013 Canoes and Rowing Boats

2013… This is our 27th year as a kayak and canoe shop. The models listed below are those that we are planning to or already do carry at our shop.  The actual models we carry in stock may vary somewhat from this initial listing. Give us a call to confirm that a particular canoe is currently in stock.    


Beacon Boats - Adirondack Guideboat

Adirondack Guideboat – This traditional design fiberglass rowing boat is a pleasure to row on quiet or choppy water. It is 14' 3" long x 36" wide, approximately 95 lbs., and has ash and cane seats. The gunnels are vinyl so that there is a minimum of yearly maintenance and the boat can be stored outside. Row for exercise or bring along a picnic and a favorite someone to share summer afternoons and evenings with in romantic tradition. MSRP at $2895.

Beacon Boats - Whitehall 13

Whitehall 13 – Another very beautiful traditional design fiberglass rowing craft that will handle even rougher water. It is 13' long x 48" wide, approximately 140 lbs., and features a "wine glass" stern that provides better tracking in choppier waters. A classic design with rowing capabilities that will delight those looking for exercise or just a beautiful day with someone special. Don’t forget the picnic basket! MSRP at $2995.

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Old Town Canoe - Pack Angler Top View

Old Town Canoe - Pack Angler Side View

Saranac 146 – This newly designed family recreation poly canoe is 14' 6" long x 36" wide, 79 lbs. and packed with amenities such as contoured seats and backs with cup holders, rod holders and storage trays, and a center seat with storage. This canoe paddles very well and is suited for family fun on the water. MSRP at $579.

Old Town Canoe - Osprey 140 Angler Top View

Old Town Canoe - Osprey 140 Angler Side View

Osprey 140 Angler – This 14' long x 38.5" wide, 57 lbs., Royalex® canoe is set up to go fishing and can be paddled or rowed. It features two contoured seats with adjustable backrests, workdeck, rod holder, and a bow mounted anchor trolley system. Included also are standard oar sockets so it may be rowed from the center seat. MSRP at $1800.

Old Town Canoe - Osprey 140 Row Top View

Old Town Canoe - Osprey 140 Row Side View

Osprey 140 – Feel like taking the canoe out alone but don’t want to paddle? This 14’ long x 38.5” wide, 57 lbs., Royalex® canoe can be paddled but is also set up for rowing with standard oar sockets so it may be rowed from the center seat. Very stable and comfortable. Also makes a very nice tandem for viewing those special sunsets. MSRP at $1600.

Old Town Canoe - Camper 16 Top View

Old Town Canoe - Camper 16 Side View

Camper 16 – This 16' long x 36" wide, 59 lbs., Royalex® canoe is an excellent choice for families that are looking for a good all-around canoe that offers great stability and good performance. This has been a very popular canoe year after year. Light enough to handle when not in the water. MSRP at $1700.

Old Town Canoe - Camper 15 Top View

Old Town Canoe - Camper 15 Side View

Camper 15 – At 14'10" long x 36” wide, 57 lbs., this Royalex® canoe is perfect for solo paddling as well as a two person tandem. Very responsive and stabile for the solo paddler to poke around exploring fresh water shorelines. As a tandem, it tracks well for longer adventures. Light enough to handle out of the water and car-topping. MSRP at $1600.

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Wenonah Canoe - Spirit II Tandem

Spirit ll – This tandem canoe is Wenonah's most popular tandem canoe and no wonder! This 17' long x 36" wide canoe is the best handling recreation tandem we have ever paddled. Tremendous stability to handle varying water conditions. Great for two paddlers and those with children. Plenty of room for an afternoon paddle or a week long camping adventure. This is our pick for an all around tandem canoe. MSRP for Royalex® (69 lbs.) with Kevlar® skid plates is $1584 or MSRP for Kevlar® Flex Core (54 lbs.) is $2399.

Aurora – At 16' long x 36" wide, the Aurora is the scaled down Spirit ll. It has all of the attributes but is a foot shorter. Designed for family recreation, fishing and exploring small rivers, ponds and estuaries. With more depth than most 16' canoes, it paddles well even when the water is a little choppier. MSRP for Royalex® (67 lbs.) with Kevlar® skid plates is $1484. MSRP for Kevlar® Flex Core is $2299.

Fusion – At 13' long x 31" wide, the Fusion is a uniquely designed solo blending features of both a canoe and kayak for recreation and fishing. It can be paddled with a double or single blade paddle. The high back padded seat is lowered and comes as standard equipment along with kayak style footbraces. This is a great choice for those paddlers that are uncomfortable sitting in a kayak. Fishing accessories can be added for freshwater anglers. It is also perfect for just relaxed paddling. MSRP is $1084 in Royalex® with Kevlar® skid plates (47 lbs.). Also available in Kevlar® (30 lbs.), MSRP $2049. The Fusion can be ordered with a foot controlled rudder for $300 extra.

Wee Lassie – Another favorite solo canoe of ours is this 12' 6" long x 27.5" wide classic Adirondack-style paddling boat from the romantic days of recreational paddling. Built exclusively in a Kevlar® construction, our Wee Lassie is an effortless carry to and from the water’s edge. Easy to maneuver, the Wee Lassie is a joy to paddle while exploring small lakes and ponds. This is the original alternative to recreational kayaking, offering a spacious, open boat cockpit allowing you to fully experience your natural surroundings. Paddled with a single or double bladed paddle. MSRP is $1599.

Wenonah Canoe - Prism Solo

Prism – At 16' 6" long x 30.75" wide, this solo cruising canoe is Wenonah's best selling solo. It is designed for stability, speed and glide. Although it is one of the best tracking solo cruisers, it is also maneuverable when leaned and returns more quickly to a stable position than most other solo cruising canoes. It’s handling characteristics make the Prism a versatile canoe for varying water conditions. It can also be setup with a rowing rig for more versatility and stability. MSRP for Tuf-Weave Flex Core (49 lbs.) is $1699. MSRP for Kevlar® Flex Core (44 lbs.) is $2199.

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