The Surge - available at Billington Sea Kayak

The Surge kayak expands upon the kayak's great attributes of simplicity and versatility through efficient design and unsurpassed craftsmenship

Designed for Performance

The Surge is based on the design principles of simplicity, balance and versatility. Four years of designing, refining, and testing in the rugged Maine waters went into developing the Surge - in production since 1993.

The Surge's hull design incorporates proper bouyancy distribution, a minimal wetted area, and a deck that allows low windage for a balanced responsive kayak with good potential speed.

This efficient design produces a balanced boat that handles well and tracks well -- even under difficult conditions.

And versatility means value, for the Surge is equally at home playing among ledges and rocks, tripping, or paddling in broad and quick water rivers.

But Design is Only One Part of the Value Equation...

Craftsmanship and materials are equally important. Every Surge kayak is hand built with the meticulous attention to detail afforded only by a small custom shop.

Unlike other manufactured kayaks of plastic or fiberglass, the Surge is an advanced composite structure comprised of Kevlar (seams, hull, deck), and specialty configurations of glass fabric and carbon fiber in a proprietary lamination schedule. Selection, proper cut, fit and placement of these fabrics is carefully monitored. They are then compressed by atmospheric pressure (vacuum bag) and infused with a resilient vinyl ester resin.

The result is a kayak of unrivaled toughness at an outfitted weight of only 38 pounds.

Features Benefits
Low Ends
  • Allows minimal windage
  • Maintains balance
Peaked Foredeck
  • Sheds Seas
Fine entry (in profile) and easy run
  • Maintains directional stability and aids speed
Shallow arched bottom and bilges
  • Provides stability and a minimal wetted area
Hollow after-sections and integral skeg
  • Gives directional stability

Standard Features

L.O.A 17' 7 3/4"
L.W.L. 15'
Overall Beam 22 3/4"
Waterline Beam 21 3/4"
Prismatic Coefficient (P.C.) 0.56
Lateral Center of Bouyancy (L.C.B) Station 5.1
Volume 11.7 cu. ft.
Cockpit Size 16" x 27"
Cockpit Height 13 3/4"
Outfitted Weight 38 lb.